" The Best Car Paint Protection System, Guaranteed To Last ! "

Omega 60

State-of-the-art Vehicle Protection (60% SiO2)

Omega 60 is a sophisticated technological coating system that creates an additional layer of protection over a vehicle’s surface. Formulated by American engineers, Omega 60 is manufactured to offer superior endurance against scratches caused by abrasive detergents, and swirls that are frequently produced during conventional wash methods.

Omega 60 goes above and beyond by forming a film of defense that helps a vehicle’s paint maintain its color, resist airborne contaminants, and generate a high-gloss, showroom appearance. With a unique combination of hydrophobic and hydrophilic elements, this formula repels water to create a look that is clear, smooth and clean.

Omega 60 can be applied to all exterior surfaces, including cars, motorbikes, yachts and bicycles. It is 7H pencil abrasive tested, and quality-made in America, with results lasting up to 36 months.

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